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LS Fog light Install...Help I'm Slow :)

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alright, I can't figure this out via forum searching so I'll just ask.

Here's what I own right now, in my garage:
1) HID Relay harness
2) Aftermarket HID kit that I use to use on my 08 NNBS sierra
3) 2008 Tahoe fog light housings (just bought off ebay)

Here's what I want to do:
hookup my 2008 tahoe fog lights, run them to power, install a new toggle switch inside the cabin that is not the factory switch.

Since I dont have any OEM fog wiring in this Tahoe, is the HID relay harness trash? I've confused myself and the OEM Fog light kit off GM Parts Direct comes with the fog light housings I already bought. :(

Any help would be awesome.
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I would just go ahead and wire from the toggle into the harness and use it, it's there for a reason, just follow kinda factory wiring diagram just use your toggle switch instead of factory and it should be kinda close, without a relay in the underhood fuse box of course though, just skip it and run power from switch to hot for lights(thru harness) and it should work I'd think, atleast give it a shot and if not try something else
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