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ls1 swap?

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how hard is it to take my 96 yukon and swap a ls1 into it, has anyone done it?, tips, sites, part numbers etc.

the reason i ask is because my truck has 305,000 miles on the vortec - original, and want to swap soon. :head:

any help is appreciated. :read:
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Here's a master list for my truck for the swap, but my truck is an 88 GMC sierra Short Bed Short cab, and I plan on putting in a 6 speed:

Part Part-Number Description Company/Web-Site Price
LS1 Engine N/A LS1 Engine w/ All Accessories, Brackets, Starter, Intake and Exhaust manifolds, Factory Wiring Harness, Computer, Intake Elbow and Mass Airflow Sensor. HP Salvage
Transmission N/A Borg Warner or Tremec T56 transmission w/ Trans, Bellhousing, Clutch, Flywheel, Clutch Master Cylinder/Slave Cylinder/Reservoir Setup, Shifter, Boot, Trans Mount and All the Bolts. HP Salvage
Electric Fans FLX-250 Chevrolet/GMC: 4.3L-7.4L 1988-99 C/K series pickups, Suburbans, and Blazer/Jimmy vehicles, dual 14 in. fans, 5200 cfm, black plastic, puller style, big truck electric fan kit Summit Racing
Howe Radiator HRE-342E The Howe radiator has specially bonded tubes and fins that make it 7 percent more efficient at dissipating heat. Fabrication Required. Summit Racing
Radiator Hoses SUM-390148 Summit stainless steel hose. 48 in. long, with 4 ends and aluminum covers and stainless steel clamps. Summit Racing
Radiator Cap HRE-3427 22-24LBS Racing Cap Summit Racing
Clutch Spec Stage 3 Clutch
Transmission Mount 47-7-1604 Thunder Racing Prothane Polyurethane Transmission Mount Thunder Racing
Air Filter KNN-RE-0860 Round Tapered Air Filter Summit Racing
Air Filter 40R35SL Hump Hose Reducer 4” to 3.5” Air Flow Online
Air Filter 90HL40R35 Reducing Intake Elbow 90 Degree 4” to 3.5” Air Flow Online
Air Filter AF-400 T-Bolt Clamp for 4” ID Intake Hoses Air Flow Online
Air Filter AF-350 T-Bolt Clamp for 3.5” ID Intake Hoses Air Flow Online
Autometer Gauges ATM-4489 5”, 160 mph Summit Racing
Autometer Gauges ATM-4498 10,000 rpm, 5” face Summit Racing
Autometer Gauges ATM-4337 Water Temperature, 100º to 250º F Summit Racing
Autometer Gauges ATM-4327 Oil Pressure, 0-100 psi Summit Racing
Autometer Gauges ATM-4391 Voltmeter 8-18 volts Summit Racing
Autometer Gauges ATM-4314 Fuel Level, most GM after 1965 Summit Racing

Fuel Delivery AEI-11106 Aeromotive Fuel Pump Summit Racing
Fuel Delivery AEI-12301 Aeromotive Fuel Filter Summit Racing
Fuel Delivery AEI-1305 Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator Summit Racing
Fuel Delivery SUM-290108
Fuel Cell Summit Racing
Fuel Delivery Fuel Lines
Speartech Wiring Harness N/A -Graft LS1 harness onto existing TBI Truck Harness (Power, Ignition, Starter, and Fuel) EVERYTHING except for gauges which need to be hooked up to the included Autometer gauges:
-Water Temperature
-Oil Pressure
-Fuel Level
-Connect check engine light (What do I use in custom dash panel?)
-Left and right turn signals (What do I use in custom dash panel?)
-Parking Brake light
-Connect fan relays + connect to switch provided to be able to turn off fans all together inside cab (What do I use in custom dash panel?)
-Remove all SMOG (Doesn’t have to pass SMOG)
-Wire in electric Throttle Control + all hardware including electric throttle body and pedal
-Wire in ALDL for diagnostics
-Wire in OBDII for diagnostics

LS1 Wiring Harness “Reworked Factory Harness”

- Check Engine Light
- Diagnostic Connector (ALDL and/or OBDII)
- Fuel Pump Relay
- Ignition
- Battery Power-Up
- Connect the send-in units to the following gauges supplied:
o Speedometer
o Tachometer
o Water Temperature
o Oil Pressure
o Voltmeter
- Wire for Fan Relay
- wire in Electronic Throttle Control + all hardware including electric throttle body and pedal
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