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Does anyone know exactly what i would beed to swap an ls1 into my Truck. It is a 92 Sierra
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alot of work and fabrication. I belive that the ls1 will have to be mated up to an electronic transmission such as a 4l60e, etc. I have also heard that the location of the motor mounts on the ls1 are completely different then a 350.
best way to go in my opinoin. Get a complete motor/tranny/computer from a donar car. Contact street and performance because they specialize in ls1 swaps. Their ls1 swap video is a must. You can buy adapter plates to bolt it in place into your truck. Fuel system needs mods, you need electric fans, different throttle cable, and the ac needs to be relocated or you can notch your frame for the compresser. Theres more but im tired...hopefully that helps
Is there a guy named Sleeper01 on this board, I think he has done the swap in his truck, but with a 6 spd.

Heres his cardomain page.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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