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SCG Pro is proud to announce the addition of machine polishing bundles to our site. Each kit is available in a variety of pad sizes to suit virtually any polisher on the market and features substantial savings built right in! A big thank you to our customers whos feedback and input helped shape these kits... its your contributions that help shape SCG Pro and we truly appreciate it!

SCG Pro Paint Correction Kit - A swirl free, scratch free, high gloss finish. That’s what the ultimate goal of any detailer or serious shine enthusiast is and that’s what our SCG Pro Paint Correction Kit allows you to achieve. Using the latest formulations and technology in paint polishing technology our system allows you to remove swirl marks, water stains, water spots, scratches, oxidation, and leave a high gloss luster on any cars finish. This complete kit includes everything you need, along with your choice in pad sizes, to correct your paint using most any dual action, random orbital, or rotary polisher. (READ MORE)

SCG Pro Rapid One Step Kit - SCG Pro Rapid All-In-One Polish is about speed and results, and in our Rapid One Step Kit you¹ll get everything you need to quickly correct and protect your paint using a dual action or random orbital tool. The unique blend of abrasives, waxes, and polymers allows you to correct mildly scratches surfaces with the included tangerine foam pad, in your choice of sizes. Best of all Rapid All-In-One leaves behind a high gloss coating of protection saving time and effort that doesn¹t require additional steps. (READ MORE)

SCG Pro Complete Porter Cable Polisher Kit - Do you need a solution for removing swirl marks and scratches, but don¹t know where to start? Not to worry because SCG Pro has you covered with our Complete Porter Cable Polisher Kit! Each kit includes all the basics you need to begin machine polishing and it all starts with the time tested Porter Cable 7424xp... (READ MORE)

SCG Pro Machine Pad Kit - Whether you¹re restocking your pad supply for a big detailing job or just getting started with machine polishing the SCG Pro Machine Pad Kit has all the pads you need for virtually any situation. This money saving bundle gives you 4 levels of polishing power in your choice of sizes to suite virtually any machine on the market. Each pad is constructed of durable materials designed to reduce polish absorption and keep the polishes on the pads surface where they can be most effective... (READ MORE)
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