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Manual to Electric Seats

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I swapped out my 40/20/40 seats in my 2000 GMC Sierra for some electric 4 way bucket seats driver and passenger side. I was looking for a part number for the wiring harness that goes to them. I bought the relay from GM and the connector that goes into the inside wiring block, I just want a more factory look. The GM parts guy told me that the part number should be on the harness but I have yet to find a truck that has only the 4 way and passenger side.

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94flamds10blazr said:
why not just ground the black and run the orange to its own +

I have avalanche 4 way seast and that is what I did. Just ran a 10ga. wire through the firewall to the junction block. As I recall there are 4 wires, 2 per motor. I did look into doing a facorty style install and then said screw it.
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