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marine stereo help guys

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hey guys i need to replace my deck in my boat it is currently running 4 6.5s. i want to add a couple little pod speakers up on my bimini tower when i add the new radio what i am asking is can i run 4 of the speakers off a 4 channel amp and then the other 2 off the deck or should i try to run all 6 speakers off the amp. the amp is a 400watt max rating amp. and each speaker is rated at 5-50 watts rms power.

what i was thinking is running the 2 on the tower and the 2 in the front of my boat on the amp with the front pre outs from the deck and then putting a splitter at the amp for both inputs. and then running the 2 in the back of my boat on the rear of the outputs on the deck will this work?
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well thats what i am asking the amp is only 4 channel and i have 6 speakers at are all 4ohm speakers the amp can run 2ohms bridged x 2 but with 3 speakers to each side i think it will cause an ohm problem. so i was thinking of just having to run the other 2 off the deck.
I think you're confused. Your amp can be bridged, but it can't be bridged AND 2 ohm. You can run it 2 ohms per channel, but not bridged per channel. So, you can put 2 speakers on their own channels, and put 2 speakers per channel on the other channels. That would make 1 pair of channels 2 ohms.
yea your right i read the specs wrong when it is bridged it goes to 4 ohms and bridges across 2 channels. so could i run 2 speakers normal on channel 1 2 speakers on channel 2 and then bridge 3 and 4 and run the 2 little 6.5s i will put on the tower on it like that.
That sounds like you only have 4 speakers. You won't be bridging anything, period. On channels 1 and 2 you can run 2 speakers per channel and on channels 3 and 4 do your tower speakers 1 per channel.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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