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2000 NBS Tahoe LS 5.3 2wd
195k+ miles

--Current Modifications--

-ATS Design Fender Flares Colormatching
-20x12 -44mm Moto Metal 962's in Black
-33x12.50 r20 Toyo Mud Terrains
-6" RCD Suspension Lift
-Front Bilstein 5160 Resi's*
-Timken Hubs
-Full Moog Steering (tie rods, pitman arm, idler arm, idler assembly)
-Z71 Tahoe Rear Coil Springs
-Ford Torsion Keys
-Z71 Tahoe Lower Valance
-15% tint on fronts and 5% on rears

-Factory 5.3l Vortec V8
-4l60e replaced at 70k before i owned it
-Black Bear 93 oct Tune
-Tru Cool Max trans cooler*
-Vette Servo
-HD2 Shift kit*
-LS1 E-Fans
-Spectre Cold Air Intake
-Throttle Body Spacer (got it free. figured why the hell not)
-DC Power SP Series 230A Alternator
-Big 3 with 1/0 and 4 gauge wiring

-Alpine 9856 Head Unit
-Alpine Type R Components Front
-Eclipse XA4000 Speaker Amp
-KnuKonceptz 4ga Wiring
-Viper 5901

--Future Modifications--

xs power d3400
Alpine type r 8" or 10" sub in factory sub location in custom box
Bilstein 5160 shocks rear
Paint chrome bumpers gloss black
HD hood
4" piaa fogs
HD2 shift kit
2500 gauge cluster with trans temp
white led interior
14 bolt 6 lug rear axle
6.0 lq4 swap
FLT level 3 4l60e

Build Thread Below

well i'm trying to get re-interested in her. i've had it 4 years now and i'm having evil thoughts about selling her. as of right now, she's not worth much. and i've put way too much time and money into her to just let her rot and die.

she's one of the first NBS tahoes to roll out the factory. 2000 with a 5.3 and 2wd. when i got her in 2008, it was my mom's old vehicle since she bought it in july 2000. here's a picture of me and the parents WAYY back in the day.


well my mom put 118k loving miles on it and when i graduated high school, she bought a 2008 tahoe and i got her's as my college vehicle.

Started out with small mods, clear corners, lame blue lights that are no longer there, some debadging and a new rear badge i thought was pretty nifty.





custom built center console with CB radio

old system going in











throttle body spacer LOL

that was mostly done during the summer. then freshman year college mods started
black chevy emblem

vette servo

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blue led gauges and green led turn signal, cruise control, and blue led brights indicator.

some projector headlights


body lift awaiting install

body lift and stock tires

8000k hid's in the projectors

summer came and i decided i wanted to get a job and work and let school wait until later. started working and got me some more mods.
tint, 20x10 gunners and 305 55 r20 terra graps, fender flares, ford keys, and a brush guard, and color matched front grill.

threw some 33 1250 mud graps and a z71 lower valance on it

got some new bumpage

18" rd alpha v3 in 6.5ft^3 @ 35Hz

around now i was looking into doing a 6.0 swap but was having trouble finding a motor. then stumbled upon this

got some new moog ball joints and went to town



and eventually upgraded to some 325 60 20 terra graps and leveled the front out a bit


and thats where she sits today.

final mod list:

6" RCD lift
3" PA Body Lift
Ford torsion keys
bilstein 5100 up front
procomp basic shocks in rear
BB 93 oct tune
flowmaster exhaust dumped.
throttle body spacer
projector headlights with 4300K hids
black clear corners with full turn signal mod/ DRL delete
vette servo
tru kool 40K trans cooler
20x10 gunner 6's
325 60 20 terra graps
alpine 9856 head unit
focal A165 components up front
eclipse 6x9's rear
eclipse XA4000 speaker amp
rd 1750.1 sub amp
18" rd alpha v3
1/0 gauge wiring
optima red top
DC power 230A high output alternator
big 3 w/4 gauge
all 4 on high
color matched interior plastics
custom center console with cobra cb radio
viper 5901 alarm w/proximity sensor
13% on top of dealer tint on front, 5% on middle and rear sides, 15% on back hatch
trans replaced at 70k
fluids religiously changed
new plugs at 120k

well for the most part. those last pics were probably 1-2 years ago. haven't done much but wear and tear on her since then. now here's where i'm at.

192k miles
she was in a hit and run, and the A/C hasn't worked since. this was oct 2010. gonna call insurance and see what they say. probably no but doesn't hurt to ask i guess.
half of my leds in the gauges have gone out. simple fix
front speakers are blown/rear speakers not even hooked up anymore
lots of interior panels removed and never finished colormatching them. plan on having them done/redone by a real painter
projector light output sucks. gonna put stocks back in with normal lights.
clear corners keep falling out/broken. after the hit and run my bumper alignment is off and keeps knocking them out. need to realign bumper and re-paint upper bumper pad.
brush guard mount is broken. buddy shop can fix tab and i'm gonna have it rewelded a bit to fit better.
need to remove fender flares and re-install with 3m stick tape. they vibrate and are rubbing off paint under neath because i was in a hurry and ended up not even installing the 3m double side foam tape.
steering alignment is terrible. needs new pitman, idler, inner and outer tie rods and re-alignment. might look into a steering stabilizer as well to button it up if needed as well as a cognito idler brace. heim steering MAYBE as well but probably not.
one voice coil blown on the 18. plan to replace it with something bigger/better
needs a new box as well. specs are a bit off on the original and i've got better tools to make one now. but i'm gonna need a new box with a new sub anyways
gonna get some new stock 03-06 tail lights and have them candied and not tinted.
re-do my trailer hitch 3" higher to compensate for body lift

this build thread has also turned into my to do thread. time for bed. later guys

well the new wheels and tire are on. exactly as i posted before, 20x12 moto metal 962s in black and 33 12.50 20 toyo mud terrains. setup is not for everyone. but i am loving the gained power going from 36's to 33's. factory 3.73 FTL but it could be worse




near future plans include all new moog steering/suspension parts, body lift removal, new headlights/corner lights, and some black powder to replace chrome.
dead. add another thing to get now before i drive it. think i'm gonna do an xspower d3400 for christmas.

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New rim/tire setup is sick. Color matching the front bumper?
i think i'm going to paint/powdercoat the bumper pieces. like this. full colormatch is too much for me.

got lots of boxes today!

lots of moog goodies

and new headlights/corner lights. no more terrible light output projectors and foggy non working corner lights!


gonna wait till i order new moog hubs before i unstall all the steering parts that way i get a nice alignment and cross my fingers my truck will drive straight down the street

no more body lift! it feels so tiny now...





still need to throw in the z71 rear coil springs.

also have the moog steering parts and just ordered 2 timken front hubs. once that all arrives i will be installing and raising the front end an inch or so. so it will get a little bit taller. still crazy how big a difference it makes. i feel/hear the road much louder in a not so good way.. still have more suspension goodies to do.

also here is my old body lift's new home. my friend's gf's tahoe!

4" fabtech spindle lift with 3" body lift and some crank on 20x12's and 35 1250 federal couragias

yay more updates!

z71 coil springs are on! got these from ebay. they originally came off the z71 border patrol tahoes in california. they outfit them with different ones i guess. so these have practically 0 miles on them.

old vs new


in place

FINALLY drilled the 2 holes and put the 2 bolts that i needed for my track bar drop. it just kinda swung back and forth and didn't really serve its purpose the past 2 years. i feel like i can take a corner at 100 mph now! yeah i know, its stupid i waited until now. but its finally done.

and how she looks for now. will get better pictures


once i get around to installing all the front parts i will give her some more crank and i want to keep her at a level height. unfortunately i did not take any before measurements but i can take an after. but thats not really going to be any help..

also forgot to put this up. when pulling out the old tweeters, this guy managed to make himself comfortable in my A pillar. no clue how long he's been there!


yay more updates!

well i got my bilstein 5160 reservoir shocks in today and did a little mock up. also cranked up the torsion keys to get the front where i want it. might drop it down a little. probably mess with it a little bit more before i get it aligned.

As for the shocks, going to just mount them in factory location and mount the resi on the frame towards the back of the vehicle using supplied mount bracket.

like this front end height


resi's in place. sort of


truck is getting drity sitting for over a month lol just want all this to be done so i can drive it!! battery is completely

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copied over from my build thread on tahoe yukon forum. those guys are idiots over there and not even worth sharing with unless i'm doing keys and spacers. :rolleyes:

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I love lifted tahoes. This one looks sick man! Nice choice on the wheels.

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How in the fuck did a frog get in there?
haha thats a really good question! im' guessing he crawled up through the bottom.. i used to live out in the country a bit but still. that quite a trek going up my 35" tires, through a window, and up into the a pillar. i used to leave my windows down too sometimes.

A Proud Texan
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how did those highs sound with that frog in there? lol

the hoe is looking real nice man good work

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how did those highs sound with that frog in there? lol

the hoe is looking real nice man good work
well the even sadder part is that the speakers have probably been blown longer than he's even been there..

so truck is probably gonna be down for a little bit longer. battery is completely dead and i think i'm gonna do an xs power d3400 for christmas. also going to do a new power steering pump, a ps filter, and some royal purple synthetic steering fluid to top it all off. i don't want any bullshit from my steering for a long, long time.

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Love your tahoe

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Lookin good bud. Not a fan of 20x12's on 1/2tons but your Tahoe pulls it off quite well

Sent from God's Country

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Looks killer man. It's come along ways. Those under glow lights probably attracted and killed that frog..
I should have made one of these before I posted mine for sale haha. Love the stance
don't worry, the underglows are LONNGGGG gone.

as for some updates, i am a happy man




already drilled, tapped, and mounted the resi mount on the other side as well, but i gotta run and do christmas stuff now

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Let us know how those ride, I might make those my next shock

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Let us know how those ride, I might make those my next shock

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i took it around the parking lot over some speed bumps, and it went over them like glass. but its hard to say till i really get it on the road. i also need some in the rear BAD

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Yeah my procomp pro runners(similar to 5100s) are pretty damn stiff. That's good to know. I know those are a little cheaper than fox's for my truck. Glad to hear they're smooth

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Where u get them from?

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It looks weird mounted like that. Looks just out of place. I haven't seem many resi's but aren't you supposed to get a bracelet and mount them parallel?
yeah, that little bracket is like $40 a shock. :hung:

already paid $350 for the shocks. i might get them later, but i'm also going to adjust the resi a little bit closer to the shock as budd pointed out. should look a little better after that.

Where u get them from?
cheapest i found was 166.66 a shock from
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