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Meguiar's Hot Wheels Polish

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Anyone tried this stuff besides me? It worked awsome on my wheels, even better than the Mothers IMO. It is a big enough can I could fit my Powerball in it and used it that way. I used it on my toolbox too worked just as well on it.
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I've never been a fan of the hot wheels line. I've only used the cleaners though, not the polish.
Never used the cleaners, I saw the polish at the store and decided to try it instead of the Mother's. It seemed to work great like I said, seemed to clean them up fasted and brighter than I have gotten with the mothers & powerball before.
I recently bought some of the Mothers Incredible Billet polish to try out and I'm really satisfied with it. I've only used it on a set of fairly clean Alcoa's but only a couple minutes per wheel made them look damn good :anitoof:
I used the Hot Wheels Chrome cleaner and they stained my rotors. :( I had just gotten my Baer rotors/brakes when it happened too. I was pissed. Now I use Meguiars Hot Rims Multi-Piece Cleaner that is labeled "Safe for aftermarket brakes & rotors". :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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