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Menards Masterforce 10.8v li-ion driver $55 shipped

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Comes with 2 batteries, charger and driver. only 3 months old

Driver has built in LED light that comes on when you pull the trigger, and quick change 1/4" chuck. Is pretty torquey too. Very light and compact.

I am selling it because I really just don't use it as much as i thought i would (used to do a lot of electric work so it was great for that but i have a job now so side jobs are way down) and there is other tools I need now that I have a job as a service tech down at school.

these cost 79.99 new, I have the full replacement plan so you just take it in to your local menards any time in the next 6 years and get a new one for free.

here are some pics

buy it this weekend and ill throw in a set of Stanley screw drivers (great backups to keep in the car)
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bump $45?
what's a menards?
Southern hardware store i believe
lol illinois is north
lol i didnt even look at his location. the only time i have seen menards is when i was down south
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