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i am going to be tackling the exhaust over the next month or so. I will be using the Hooker LT headers. I have a 1996 5.7 SCSS 4x4. My questions are as follows:

1. Are there are any aftermarket midpipe kits that will bolt up with LT's and the catback? Is there a "catted" option for these or are they all "offroad"? I have tried searching and couldnt find anyone that makes them. I wish there was an OBS kit from LPP!

2. Can people tell me about the clearance issues they have with lifted trucks and post pics of the midpipe? I got the truck about a month ago with a 6" lift and 35"s....the previous owner did not have the front driveshaft on because the factory midpipe would hit it.

So if there is a kit available out there for LT's that will bolt up to the catback, I would like to know if there will be clearance issues.

Thanks! Jeff :bleh:
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