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MJT Carnage Pics

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Didn't get any carnage other than a few scratches on the cage on the trail, but we hit teh little obsticle course at Hungry Valley and I hung my rear diff up near the end and my 42's basically moved all the rocks out of the way so that they were floating in mid air with each axle sitting on a rock and the t-case crossmember sitting on a rock. Was fun though :head:

It's harder to tell but at the t-case skid plate, that crossmember is bent up 1.75". The t-case linkage is fubar, and the u-joint is maxed out. Had the entire truck sitting on a volkswagon rock that was holding all four of my tires in the air, had to hi-lift the truck over onto one sides tires and drive off, good times.

Notice the dent on the left of the tubing holding the steering ram. Thats 2" .188" wall DOM, those rocks don't play around kids!

And the ever popular candycaned driveshaft, only got one dent in it though. Yoke got some good grindage too.

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00Silverado said:
so where are the actual trail pics Jason? oh wait, I guess going at night doesnt let you get many, if any pics....
Exactly... This is the only pic I took:

That was when we aired down, we never stopped while running the trail so now chances for pics. We just cruised through it.
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