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Modified Stock Intake Baffles Removed

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Just thought I would post a few pics of the stock intake I modified. I removed the huge ugly air baffles and fiberglassed the holes up. I have a K&N filter in the stock box. Not sure if it will improve anything but those ugly baffles are gone.

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That actually isnt a baffle, if does have a purpose.. Its an air reserve for more torque when needed. Its called the Holtz bladder or something like that.

Looks good though.
So if they have a use, why do all of the aftermarket CAI units just have a straight through airflow and say they improve power. Just wanted to know if I am better off with the stock setup or with the modified one. I have both. Let me know what you think.
Probably won't see much difference either way. Just use that.
The aftermarket CAI tubes are larger than the stock piece so they flow more CFM. They are also more of a direct shot. Since my rig had a clutch fan, the stock tube was a POS since it was flat, smashed and crammed to get to fit. The bladder that hangs down off the bottom is what is the holts bladder for throttle response and such. I think the Outlaw CAIs used to have them, but I cant find one anymore.

What did yours look like stock?
It had the bladder on the top and the bottom.
The bottom bladder is the good one, the top one is usually the air silencer. You could either and probably wont notice a difference. Use whatever is prettier :)
I knew one of them had it, but when I looked up the Volants, I didnt see it.
My Volant doesn't have a bladder?

Looks like some smooth work there on that OE tube. Definitely looks like a better piece than our intakes from the trucks with clutch fans, the smashed pancake mess that Country Boy was talking about.
I thought the bottom bladder thing was for just in case you sucked up water it would fall in there instead of making it to your sure im wrong though. makes sense though..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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