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More info about the VaraRam King Cobra induction

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More info is available for the upcoming VaraRam King Cobra induction. I should have pricing by Monday and the non-ramair version should be ready to ship in about 1-2 weeks. I'll have one for testing in one of my 8.1 trucks sometime next week.

A VR airbox that is over 100% efficient (compared to our best competitors 80% on a dyno and 60% under actual road loads)

The system will produce up to 2+ psi of pressure in the manifold at shift recovery producing stunning 0-60 mph improvements on every GM truck and SUV, putting the power where you can use it.

A water system featuring a drop away floor to drain any water that may inter the system (up to 2 gallons every 30 seconds)

Your choice of one of two air filters: the SS for everyday use and the Baja for serious offroading.( washable and reusable)

A quick and easy installation that uses existing bolt holes(10min cold air, 15 min ram air)

The King Cobra kits were designed from day one to be used daily to enhance vehicle performance beyond what a conventional cold air box can do, without sacrificing the durability or the value of the vehicle.
This has been accomplished by producing a true sealed Cold air system that uses a multiple venturi design to maximize overall airflow efficiency, no leaky boxiest that suck under hood hot air, no chopping ,cutting or custom computer tuning!

VaraRam guarantees that you will see at least a 1/2-to1 full second drop off of your 0-60 MPH times over factory stock no matter which GM truck or SUV you have or VR will buy the system back, but we are going even further, We guarantee that you will gain at least a full ½ second “OVER ANY OTHER” aftermarket air induction system or we will buy the unit back.

They chose a very conservative performance improvement figure that they knew ANY truck or SUV (whether V-6 or V-8) would see based on their test data from competitors products in real world conditions rather than a dyno. You will also see a fuel mileage improvement from the system; usually this is about 2-3mpg over factory stock. The heavier and slower the vehicle the stronger the gains EX: when towing a 5,000lb trailer with the same 2004 6.0 test mule we were seeing the 0-60mph times drop by 3-3.5 seconds (21.3-21.5 to 17.8-18.3 seconds) fuel mileage rose to 10mpg from 5-6mpg when towing.

Here are just some of the test numbers from several of VaraRam's test vehicles. All runs were made as direct before and after runs with NO computer re-learn time. All 0-60mph runs were made using a Vericom VC 2000 backed up by a PI Research onboard telemetry system to monitor MAP, airfuel ratio and overall vehicle performance.

2000GM truck 5.3 extended cab 4wd/2wd run in 2wd
Stock 0-60MPH 11.76-11.82 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60MPH 10.36-10.48 seconds over 3 runs
That’s a 1.4 second improvement!
2-3MPG improvement

2004GM truck 6.0 3/4ton extended cab longbed 2wd
Stock 0-60MPH 12.67-12.73 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60MPH 10.98-11.04 seconds over 3 runs
That’s a 1.6 second improvement!
+4 MPG over stock

2004 GM SS Silverado 6.0 4wd
Stock 0-60mph 6.82-7.10 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60mph 6.07-6.15 seconds over 3 runs
That?s a .7-1.0 second improvement!
+3MPG average

2000GM Truck 4.3V6, 2wd
Stock 0-60mph 8.1-8.3 seconds over 3 runs
VR 0-60mph 7.3-7.5 seconds over 3runs
That?s a .6-1.0 second improvement!
+2-3MPG average

We don't have any new info for the Ram Air version yet. This is a quick rundown for the people that haven't seen it yet.

The best advantage of a true ram air system lies in the power and torque that can be produced under the power curve. The truck and SUV engines normally drop 1 to 2 psi in the manifold during shift recovery and general acceleration. This is where the King Cobra really strikes! In this area you can see another 10-18 hp and 12-20 ft.lbs. of Torque on top of the cold air system itself!

This airbox features a specialized multiple venturi system that enables the box to maintain an industry leading 100%+ efficiency. The unit brings in cold outside air through the 1st venturi system, at this point the air velocity is increased while turbulence is also reduced, this unit then recovers pressure at the air filter maximizing total air pressure or dynamic pressure at the filter. Manipulating the air this way aids in reducing unwanted air turbulence that would normally lead to losses in overall efficiency. The system features a specialized plenum bolume behind the filter that has an angle specific tulip shaped rear velocity stack to accelerate the airflow through the factory tube in a controlled manner, helping to improving off idle throttle response and torque while reducing unwanted air turbulence through the Mass airflow meter. The filter we use is a triple layer Baja filter that features a peel away ?wrap? load up zone for heavy debris and dust. We then use two different main filter medias to enhance overall air filtration. This filter will flow over 1000CFM.

We're currently accepting pre-orders to provide you with one of the first systems that become available! Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-482-9763.


Order line - 1-877-4-TBYRNE
E-mail - [email protected]

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Z71Edge said:
Check out there website for the documented #'s your wanting...
Click on "Induction" and your questions will be answered

That is exactly what's written above. I am looking for more info, especially advantages of the ram air vs the regular version.

I am not knocking the product, it just seems to good to be true. No other intake manufacturer makes these claims (-1sec of 0-60 time). But I hope it is true, because I will be buying.


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Just checked with VaraRam. Both versions of this system should be on the way to us by the end of next week.

I haven't seen any inductions that have CARB numbers for CA. They are usually more concerned with exhaust mods.

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We received a bunch of the non-ram air systems here on Friday. I installed one on my Silverado HD and have driven about 175 miles so far. The truck feels more responsive than the "other" system that I was using. I also have some mileage gains but won't be posting them until I fill up again. I want to make sure they can be repeated and aren't just "one of those things". I will be extremely impressed if I repeat that gain with the next tank! :rocking:

I'm really looking forward to the ram air portion of this kit now!

The OBS induction is part number VR5A.


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I have some good mileage improvements but don't want to post them until I can repeat them. I should be filling up again this weekend.

Also, I haven't found the site that has the dyno numbers posted but I did come across this posted on another site tonight - the guy over at CTW just posted his dyno and he gained 13 RWHP 10 RWTQ more than with the Volant.
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