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more input needed....

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I'm piecing together the system for my TBSS and I came across a deal that might be too good to pass up.

I already got a smokin' deal on an new Alpine IVAW200 from a friend. Talking to the shop that'll be doing the install they offered to give me an Alpine PLT5 LAT sub system for just under $400 (retails around $600)

Here it is on Crutchfield:

My delima is this... I have no clue how these things sound, but the reviews I'm seeing online are good for trucks, mixed for mid-small SUV's, and bad for big SUV's. Anyone know anything about these. Keep in mind I'm not a big sloppy bass fan... I like my bass tight and crsip.

The alternative is reinstalling my Boston Reference stuff from the SSS, but this time I think I'll just run a single 10 in a custom fiberglass box, molded into the floor compartment of the rear cargo area. (BTW: they're GT510 DVC 10's and I'll be powering it with a Boston GT28 amp)

If I go the alpine route I can sell the Boston stuff off b/c I won't need it.

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I'd go ahead and keep the boston acoustic stuff.

Also, you know the IVA-W205 is coming out in May right? It has an integration for the blackbird navigation.
Eh... no need for the blackbird... IF I ever decided to add nav I'd just get the full integrated unit, but I really have no need for it now. Other than that I haven't heard it has any benefits over the 200... plus for the price I'm paying you can't beat it.
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