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more on my straight axle project

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The project is centered around my dad's 3/4 ton chevy 2500, a 95' model.
i want to put on a disc brake conversion but i heard that that late of a model axle can't be done so. Something about full floating. Is this true? if not where's a good place to start finding a good disc conversion set. also im thinking about running 4.56 gears front and rear. is that to much for a 36" tire or will it still be practical as an all around gear?
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yes you can convert it to discs, the full float axle makes it easier actually. Also yes, 4.56 gears are perfect.

For disc brakes you will need rotors and calipers from a k20 front axle and then brackets that can be bought off ebay or almost any 4x4 shop.

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Actually the 14 bolt in your truck is hard to do disc brakes on. The 88+ 14 bolts use a different hub and drum assembly. The drums slip off without removing the hub whereas the 87 and older had the drum behind the hub. The new style will not allow you to put a rotor on. You have to get the older style hubs and use them to use all the brackets for sale on ebay and such. Companies sell disc conversions for the 88+ like ORU and a couple others but they include a new set of hubs so it's expensive. You can make a rotor fit but it will require some small machining on the hub and rotor and will require a custom made bracket for the caliper since it will be in a different location.
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