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More Pics of the truck - Dialup-Warning

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Well I didnt think I was ever going to get to take pictures of the truck this week because it has rained every day. Today was the first day it has not rained here all week so I washed the truck up for a couple pictures.

What do you think?

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Badassilverado said:
WOW, it's like a completely different truck. I'm jealous :head2:

BTW, did you do any of that trimming yet? What's up next?
Yes, did about 90% of the Driverside. Might need to do a little more. But dew to rain I have not had any chance to do the passenger side. But for some reason It is not as bad over there?

Sevenfold said:
Looks great Brandon. Have you cranked your torsion bars at all? You may want to do so to give you a little more room to fit those SSRs.
Yes, Im probably sitting at or around 7" in the front maby more. The rub mark you see there on the plastic was before any cutting. I cut that side on about wed of this past week. Only been on road sence the but I have not hit that side anymore.

Will do David :head: As soon as I get them fitting a little better :crazy:

Everybody else.. thanks!

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1buda said:
Looks damn good Brandon. :head2: wheels look nice & shiney, you do them yourself right? Also like that front license plate. :head:

I have been using that EagleOne Aluminum Cleaner. It is suppose to help make them shine longer between polishings.
That is still the factory shine :ninja:
Have not had to put a rag to them yet. :head:
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