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Mounted my high lift

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I kinda like it, its different.
My brother thinks its dumb lookin.
What ya think?

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helps if the pic works. I mounted mine in my bed about 6 months ago. Works great, keep it up out of the way. You can see it in this pic:

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I mess around with my folder and changed some names so the pics didn't work but they are up now.
I like that location :head:
I see nothing wrong with it

I like it. Up and out of the way, seems to be very practical.
Looks good, might consider adding some sort of lock to it though.
Yeah I'll prolly do that early next week.
Heading home where all the good working supplies are.
Looking good. Adding a lock is a GOOD need to lose a $70 jack to a thief.
dude its practical but ill be honest, it looks plain dumb.........sorry
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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