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Mounting amp

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Ok I sold all my subs and amps to help pay off my wheels. And yesterday I bought a Kicker KX 200.2 for my new SS kicker componetes (and boy are they sweet) But i want to mount it without puting holes in the back off the cab. Would it get to hot to mount it under the seat?
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Well I mounted it under my middle seat/console its like it was made for that amp to be there :crazy: And I got my new SS Kicker Componets installed in my kick panels too. I found out I have a cut in my RCA cable so I have to get a new one, damnit. And is there another spot to put these componets cause I have a 5speed and when I push in the clutch my foot is like an inch away. And thats too close for comfort for me cause my foot could go right into a 1000 bucks while I'm shifting and i dont like that?
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