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Mr. Clean car wash

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well today i washed my moms sub with these mr. clean deals. It is easy and does a clean job and it was deffinatly worth the $20. :read:
It leaves out the water spots. I reccomend it to anybody.
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I started using this because my trucks a big bitch to wash and then try to dry without leaving spots. This thing works great and only leaves very little drip marks where i didnt wash away the tap water enough. My filter last about 3 washes.

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hmm, i dont buy the mixtapes i dl them using IRC, i can give you a great link that tought me how to use it, also thanks to YOskater...

i use mixunit, mixtapeone, and mixtapemob to find out whats new then i use an xdcc search engine to find the album and cop it. I would def recommend Gunit Radio pt 7: king of new york, they got 50 and buck on the tipsy beat, they tear up a bunch of kanyes beats, and the intros and skits are soo funny, the new guy Game, is real nice, cant wait for his solo to drop.

you know when camron and banks are comin out?
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