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Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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So I thought I'd buy and try one of these new magic erasers I found while wandering the hardware store today. This thing rocks , it cleaned all the hard to clean surfaces in my 2 year old truck to a new finish.I noticed it the most on the leather steeringwheel and the leather arm rests and center console . I have been using Maguires leather cleaner on the whole interior once a month since I bought it and when I LIGHTLY wiped this eraser sponge over it it was like night and day, it looks brand new again. I tried on my white leather nike's , and BAMO! , new again.
You just pour water on this thing and wipe away. It says on the box to use it on car wheels too,
While I was experimenting with it in my truck infront of my friends shop a guy we know that is a pro detailer showed up and flipped out over this thing .
Gets my vote for best new cleaning product. Check it out.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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