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mud terrains

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what are the disadvantages of running m/t;s on the street besides the noise?

do they wear that much faster?
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It all depends on how you drive, the weight of the vehicle, maintenance on the tires (air pressure and rotating). But they will wear faster than A/Ts just because there is less rubber actually touching the pavement.
ive been looking at the pro comps...and theres one mickey thompson i liked as well as the goodyear wrangler m/t.

i have a pretty heavy foot...the truck is a 2001 3/4 ton ecsb
I like the pro comp m/ts I have on my HD. They are also wearing pretty good, I should get 30-35k out of them.
thats all?

what kinda mileage do you guys usually get out of your tires?

im at 60k right now on my original tires ha
theres nothing wrong with m's on the road man. My toyo's arent bad at all
ahhah whys that?

are mud tires alright for street and highway use?
like i said..i ahve a heavy foot..would an a/t be a better choice?
cuz i really like the mud terrains.
what model toyos u runnin?
my stupidity amazes me frequently.
3/4 ton + heavy foot = no difference in mileage MT vs AT

Ask me how I know.
Mtrs scallop bad, I had them = teh suck. All mud terrains will perform the same. So get the chapest ones you can get. Maxxis buckshots last a while, and BFGs last but they are so damned expensive.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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