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I just wanted to post this event for those who like to PARTY!!!
Every year, we attend MudNationals in Jacksonville, TX. This is geared more for the atv off road side, but is fun for anyone.
We dont put up any vendors areas up here, we just go to have fun and party!
During the day, they have cool events and vendors areas to attend and during the night, the real fun starts! We are talking parties like you find in Cancun, Mexico during spring break!!!
I just wanted to let all my GMFS friends know about this event. If your like me, your into big atvs as well as big trucks. Theres some atvs out there running SAS swaps an 40s!!!
Dates are 4/1-4/5. Check out for info and directions. Let me know if any of you guys are coming... Ill drink a few with you.:shake::cheers:
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