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Hi. This is my 1st post and let me thank u in advance.

I have since new a 05 chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 flex fuel ext cab 4x4 Z71 97,500 miles.
So the other day while at idle the truck started idling rough. I floored it and cleared it up. Later i parked the truck and the engine light came on.
PO480 cooling fan Circuit
PO200 injector Circuit open

I cleared the code it seemed to be ok. The next day i started the truck and it was fine. Took a small ride. At idle it was running real rough. The engine light was flashing. I turned off the truck. I checked the code. It said multiple misfire. And the fan Circuit again. I noticed the fan wasn't turning off when i pulled key out. THE fan normally stops when u pull the key out. I noticed when i drove it it was blowing alot of smoke.

Thanks for ur help.
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