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My 6.0 is driving me crazy broke!

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Hello all, first time on any kinda forum. My 2000 sierra ext. Cab 4x4 is doing all kinds of crazy stuff. I've just changed the motor and on the "new" motor I changed the head gaskets, intake gakets, rear main, timing chain and gears, timing cover, front seal, oil pan gasket, new high pressure oil pump, it's got long tube headers with duals all the way. Flowmaster 40 series mufflers. I've done every bit of the work myself and now it's idling at 3-3500 rpm and will not come down unless you put it in gear then well, you know what happens. I also changed the tps, maf, idle air control valve to no avail. Oh yeah, I deleted the egr with the headers but not in the computer. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
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I beleive your truck is before DBW, so it uses a cable to the throttle pedal. Have you examined that , that it has the full range of motion and that there's no problem with the cable? Perhaps try disconnecting the cable from the throttle body, and manually operate it to see if the idle goes down.
There is a throttle relearn you should do.

Also you need to tune the computer for the headers and EGR. You will fuck up your engine if you don’t
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