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My '93 GMC Yukon

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Hey all! I am a longtime member of FSC and Saw a comment about this page and thought I'd check it out - its designed amazingly similar as FSC's forums...

Here's pics of my rig:


crank up your volume! :rocking:

Vehicle Info:

- Make: 1993 GMC Yukon 2-Door

- Interior Mods: custom homemade toolbox in the trunk area to organize my tools that i carry with me everywhere. 360mm Flat Broadway rearview mirror. WeatherTech rubber mats. The rest of the interior's stock and I prefer to keep it that way.

- Engine/Drivetrain/Exhaust: Rebuilt 350 Jasper Performance Engine, with 3/4 Racing Camshaft. Computerized with a Hypertech Performance Chip. Factory NP241 transfer case. Non-rebuilt Jasper 700r4 transmission with lifetime warranty (replaced probably 8 times already in 5-6 years, The transmissions I get are just takeoffs from other chevy trucks and are not reconditioned - but it's worth the lifetime warranty that I get). The transmission is cooled by a 24,000GVW B&M Transmission SuperCooler. Intake/Exhaust Mods: JEG's RamAir Air Tunnel (removed the restrictive factory air tunnel), K&N High-Flow Air Filter resting on a big Hypertech PowerCharger Air spacer bowl, all the hot gases exhausts through the Catco High Performance Catalyic Converter and the 3" Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust.

- Axles/Tires: IFS Frontend, all stock - never touched the torsion bars. I blew my 10bolt axle, so it's got a GM Corporate 3/4 ton 14 Bolt Semi-Floating rearend, 3.73 gears. Tires are 285/75r16 (appx 33"x11.3"x16") Goodyear Wrangler MT-R's on Eagle Alloy 102's.

- Bumpers/Winch: The front bumper is slightly tweaked thanks to a 1997 Toyota Corolla's rear bumper. The rear bumper's tweaked, thanks to a 6" tree at 9holes when I was trying to get out. Both are chromed factory bumpers with rubber trim. In the trunk, i've got a 3 ton Power Pull (comealong) winch and a 30ft strap rated for 30,000+lbs. Ah, the front bumper has also been trimmed.

- Other Mods/Custom Work: My truck is lifted by the Performance Accessories 2" body lift with EnergySuspension polyurethane body mounts. Clear turnsignals lens in the front with amber bulbs, but who cares about that? Rocker Panels also are covered with stainless steel plates. Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flares.
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