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i own a NNBS Rcsb and i have 24's sitting in my garage , i will be BUYING A SET of 22's and i need some help with picking the right set .. have in mind i will be lowering more than what it sits on right now 3/6 .. i always loved the KMC rockstars , but u guys might pick me a better set ..

i saw that kmc rockstars come in 2 sizes for the 22's

20x8.5- +10mm and +35mm offset
20x10- -24mm offset
20x12- -44mm offset
22x9.5- +12mm and +38mm offset
22x12- -44mm offset
24x12- -44mm offset

any of the below

2008 RCSB
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Heres my truck with 285/45/22 tires and 22x9 +32mm decide if you could tuck a wheel sticking 1" further out, looks like you can but its gonna be close.

Also....those slide wheels arent gonna look any deeper no matter the offset because the spokes go to the outside of the wheels

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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