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My Enclosure...INSANE....LOOK

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For NBS tahoes only...
For local pickup only...

This thing was made less than 6 weeks ago and it's freakin sweet. It holds 8 12s and is ported correctly for such. I paid $3k for it to be made plus another $500 for it to be painted. The thieves scratched it barely in a couple places when rippin out my amps but nothing major...The middle section where the amps go is pretty tight b/c you can have any amps fit in it. It is sort of a channel that is cut out of the center and another amp rack can easily be made to fit whatever amps you choose to power this thing. It has probably close to 10 gallons of fiberglass resin on it and is sold as $hit...i dont pay for junk and this thing is hands down the most solidly built fiberglass enclsoure ive ever seen...if you want people to say "OMG" when you pop your hatch then this is the enclosure for you...included is 8 plexiglass trim rings so you can edge light your subs...amp racks are include but the ones on the side arent necssary unless you got a crazy amount of amps like i w/out side amp racks looks 100x better...alot less cluttered...i would just recommend alot of powerful amps (JL or Soundstream) right up the middle of the box...more pics can be taken with all equipment out by the end of the week...I really need to move on this thing i'm...

Giving it away for $1500 obo...

the ports from hell haha..

minor damage

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Were you at the Woodlands when your amps got jacked???
i hardly ever locked my doors down there, maybe i should start locking it up more often when i head back to school in good ol' college station
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