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my F***in paint...

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well i waxed the truck today and found that where i got side swiped about a year ago that the paint is starting to peel on my rear driver side door.... wtf is that about?...

i guess this gives me a reason to get my ghost flames now... and the WHOLE truck done...
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1buda said:
Damm Bryce after your all done, sounds like your going to have a show truck. :head: :head:
geez, i kinda hope not... id be to paranoid then... :crazy:

i just wanted to make a nice lookin fast ass truck... but hey.. whatever happens, happens... :devil2:

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I know how ya feel when I wrecked my old truck the body shop didn't take the molding off on one side of the truck when paiting the bed, then I debadged it and there was a huge color difference I was so pissed when I found it

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dont worry 03rado, i have that same problemexcept i have no income and no way to fix it. so i just keep my truck dirty
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