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my new bro machine

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so here it is.finally got rid of the excursion and got this as my dd for about a month and itll be parked and be the new project while i drive my baja.for starters i know most of you will not like this and because it has fiberglass its ghey.well i like haulin ass thru the deserrt so thats where this truck will come in we go....

1995 ex cab 4x4 1500
the interior color looks like baby shit so that'll all be changed out
140k on motor.about 200 miles on trans.
complete new front end(new axles,bearings,tie rods,etc,etc,etc and i was there helping them put them on so i know how all the work was done)
thats pretty much the overall of it,now onto mods
dual efan setup
thickest fiberglass ive ever seen on it.front and rear,colormatched(black)
i do not know of how high the lift is but its a pro comp and it has a drop down bracket.but i dk.has a dual shock hoop setup on it but only one shock in the stock location:think:
smoother bumper painted black.fierce bumper bolted onto that with 2 8" lights and 2 6" lights
custom light rack with 6 8" lights converted over to hids(the wiring was done for a temp situation so all the wiring will be rerouted and done cleaner)
spare tire holder(not shown bcuz it was too dark to see it, in bed)
black steel powdercoated wheels on 35x12.50/15 bfg mud terrains with some nice tread left.
pioneer head unit inside
custom center console which i dont care for so i may end up going with a tuffy one.
came with an extra amp which i will be puttin in for the speakers.

all i kept from my excursion was my 2 12" jl audio w3's and 500/1 jl amp and my w200 indash tv which the tv will be going in my baja bug and the subs in this truck.

now the bad.
efans do not have the temp sensor so they are on a switch,temp sensor ordered.
the door panel switches are torn to hell so i will be needing new ones since there are no buttons on them.pita:nono:
the dash is missing a few odds and ends but that will be replaced with a diff color everything.
the center console is sh*t so that will be replaced.
there was no tailgate but i am gettin a white one from my buddy but obviously needs to be painted
no rear bumper so i need to make one

future plans are to put a full cage in it,racing seats and a bench in the back.
indash tv
motor cage and bed cage and will probably end up doing deavers and coils eventually.
hids of course in headlights and also front bumper lights
make a new front bumper that isnt so damn big
maybe key it if its not already done
limo windows
tahts about it off the top of my head.thanks for looking and sorry for the dark pix

one from yesterday after i hosed it down

the ugly interior and horrid wiring job

my suhhhweeet(sarcastic) flamed out gauges

o and just the top lights on

enjoy even tho ill have alot of haters:tongue:
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i think it's sick cody. cleaned up and it will be a sweet ride.
i like it the way it is :)
i hope you didn't pay much.
I love it. Itll be even sweeter once you put some work into it. :shake:
Im soooooo jealous

Yeah it needs a little work but I like it quite a bit already :thumbsup:
unless its a different dash in the truck, it isnt a 1998, its a 95
unless its a different dash in the truck, it isnt a 1998, its a 96
my friends '98 dash looks like that one from what I can tell.

Looks pretty sweet, but interior needs some work.
i like it...a little.
Looks sick, id drive it
Does that many lights give you x-ray vision?
Cut the amount of aux lights by about 90%.
thanks guys.and i totally read it wrong.its a 95.for some reason i guess i had drunk goggles on and the 5 appeared to be an 8:think: the lights are a little overbored yes but there are definately no blind spots at night which is what you want wen your driving fast thru the definately needs alot of work but its the exact truck ive always wanted so its a good starter..
However if he actually drives at night, those things are probably mad sexy.
no says on the title that its a 1995:shrug:
yes it would. 95 was the first year of the newer dashes while still having a tbi motor, 96 got the vortec.
LGB :imo
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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