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My new project!

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Its not much now, but got it at a decent price. Its a straight truck just the body work needs to be redone. Kinda looks like they just put bondo over the holes and didnt weld anything. Also the c-notch was done wrong and the back of the frame is up to high and thats why the bed isnt sittin there right, nothing major. All this will get fixed in the weeks to come. This is going to be my Tow Pig, and will have air ride. haha lmk what u think....

So far ive been looking at different set ups and im going to try my hardest to get these to work out back! hehe
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man i love those old duallys!! gonna be bad ass!!
needs a lot of work but those are sick layed out:imo
I can't wait to see this. Should be nice as hell!
Good luck. I wish I could get my hands on one of those.
sweeet just saw 2 of those layed out at a show on saturday....i was droolin...wish i had a camera to take pics
Looks like you got your work cut out for you.

Cant wait to see it finished.
should be bad ass, what's going in the engine bay?
Yeah i do have alot of work... But it will be on the ground this coming month. Thanks for all the compliments and i will post project pics when i start on it.

I dont know what motor im going to put in it yet. Im thinking a 454 with a 5 speed. Looking for something that will do good pulling. Cuz this will be a hauler!
kick ass. I see it's an '80, any plans to change to a 81-87 front clip? I say 6.0 and a 4L80E :bowtie:
Yeah its a '80 model. I was talking to my dad about his truck he has down here and i wanted to get the front clip off of it. haha. But nothing is for sure yet... i may have to put a 6.0 in it! haha
A new model motor would be sweet.....D MAX would be aewsome but expensive!!!
thanks everyone, i dont have any new pics im actually working on a friends truck right now trying to get it going. But i did manage to get the bed all cleaned out so i can get the bed off this week. Will have pics soon..
nice find man

i miss mine
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and, cool p-ject truck GL with it
gonna be bad ass when it gets done. is that a orange silverado beside it? anything done to it?
Fuckin awesome man.

I want one so bad!
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