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my newly lifted truck

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i got it lifted yesterday, its the Fabtech 7 inch, with 18 inch kmc rockstars on 35x12.50's Nitto M/Gs


Stock with rims and terra grapplers on it (Yesterday Morning)

And ...

stock 03 z71, and stock Yukon

Z71 Agian, and buddys stock 06 2wd

and one more

Mods to come:

Colored handles
N-fab Pre runner bumper w/ lights
colored fender flares
and gears
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i don't like the rockstars, but they always look great with the mud grapplers. Are they pretty loud on the hiway?
sweet man love the rim/tire combo

I want black wheels for sure now
big difference, looks good
very sweet looks killer
thats sweet... if i ever get around to lifting the truck thats the same setup i want.
nice setup...what are your fender measurements?
Well, I guess that I could run those 37s I've been thinking about if you're running 35s on just the 7". Do you rub up front anywhere? Mine rubbed alot before I cut the front end.

Looks damn good Mike!
he had to just trim the valence a tiny bit..but i dont think he rubs any...
I usually dont like the rockstars but I think that they look good on your truck!!! Goo job!!
looks great
those grapplers look sick on there!
Thanks guys, no major rubbing...

the tires are not that loud, i kinda like it ...heh

i think i got the rockstars sold, on friday if everything goes as planned im going to pick up some new rims, maybe the KMC Hoss's or Diesel' black... :)

Hawk, this is MoneyMike on WHATS UP?
Hey I passed you on Cedar Bayou Lynchburg tonight, I was in the TL. Truck looks really good from what I could see in the dark!

I can't believe that you're rollin 35s with just the 7"! Bring it to the shop next week so I can get a closer look!

I take it you're sticking with 18s on the new rims eh?
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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