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Okay so i've ordered everything for my 7" CST lift for my 1500 2WD; front kit, blocks out rear, extended brake lines.


1) Install --> myself
2) Tires --> 33"x12.5R15 BFG A/T
3) Alignment
Then if needed, because I'm running 3.42s
** Regear
4) Recalibrate speedo, odometer, shift points

Is this a good plan? Any additions or rearrangments?

Any forseen 'little' parts needed for the front end?

Where can I go to get recalibrated, remember it's a '92? I'm in Austin, TX.

If I feel as though a regear is needed, I was thinking 4.10s. I will NOT be going bigger on lift/tires. Is this a good choice for gas mileage and power?

Can I hold out for a while on the recalibration and/or regear, if I take it easy? Any adverse effects by not recalibrating?

Thanks guys.

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3.42 on 33's wont be that bad but i say get 4.10 as soon as you can. I don't see any problem in your plan so i think you're good to go :thumbsup:

oh recalibrate, just get a handheld programmer like a hypertech
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