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My project truck.

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Some may know me from FSC, but here are some pics of my project from start to current state. I stockfloored it and now it has suicide doors and a new front end.

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looking good man
it's come a long way and looks good, but I swear it was on craigslist a while ago. looked familiar
lookin good....i kinda liked the twotone white/teal LOL but that green is gonna look sick
ya know i am a lifted guy but i do have 110% respect for the lowers i would love to do one but god damn thats a lot of work
Looking good man what color are you gonna paint it when its done
looks good as always. what kind of coating is that on the floor
THanks guys!

Coating on the floor is POR15.

Final color will be Green as the firewall.

And the truck was never on craigslist. Unless somebody wanted to sell it for me!
Wow, this truck is going to be sweet :head:
There has been alot more progress, but the truck doesnt look any different than the last picture I posted. I have been working on gaps and perfecting the doors for the last few weeks.

I am trying to piece it together enough to drive it to the smog station. I have to do that by july 12th, or else I can't re-register it... easily anyways. The good news is that it runs without a check engine light.

I got some step shavers and some other goodies.

And im hoping for a sheetmetal dash similar to this.

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looks awsome ... keep that front end for sure, keeps it unique most guys swap out to the newer style i like that setup especially with those wheels
Going to be sweet when your done! Great job, Steve!:rocking:
went through my old HD to find a few pics to reference.... look at this beauty!


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love the coke bottle windshield washer

and that poor small block looks like it went to hell and back.
new pics.. Inner fenders, and started on a dash. Still finishing the suicide doors and shaving the rear steps next week.

frame started in truck

through a cracked windshield.

on the bench.. ready to skin
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looks sick man. what size bars did you use to frame the dash?
looks sick man. what size bars did you use to frame the dash?
Thanks guys,

The bar is 3/8" round bar. I am starting to skin it now, I have 3 out of the 6 sheets on. I'll post pics when its done and smooth.
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