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My truck and my Buddy's jacked up suburban

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His truck is a 2001 with fabtech 6" and 3" body, KMC XD Badlands 20x10 with 37x12.50 SSRs.

I color matched my rear bumper today after backing into something yesterday and denting it. Also hacked off my exhaust tips. Looks much better!:imo
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what the hell was tall enough for you to back into? were you in paris and you backed into the eifle tower or what?
Damn those skinny as 37s on his hoe looks :insane:

I think a 36x14.5 or if he can fit them which it looks like he can a 38x15.5
Sitting on my laptop at my moms house. She says "Thats my kind of truck"
I bet that thing will haul some groceries! looks cool.
looks good
just goes to show how much bigger the new trucks are. Yours looks huge next to his.
I bet that thing will haul some groceries! looks cool.
Haha...all he needs now is a magnetic soccer ball sticker over his gas door.
Both are badass rides!:worship:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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