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My truck lifted (pics finally) -links

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looks good man i love that color

what are the lift/tire specs
looks good man i love that color

what are the lift/tire specs
Looks to be the Superlift 6-7.5" and some 35" BFG Muds... Nice Truck!
Truck looks good. :waytogo:

btw.. I changed your post so the pics show up instead of links :shake:
Looks great. Two Tones look best when they have painted flares that match the bottom color :imo

I like the look of lifted trucks with stock rims.
looks killer lets hear the specs
i love that color everyone thinks i smoke crack because of that

also a strawberry red with that tan trim is my favorite

but i like your truck looks good
That's a really good setup. Looks great man.
Looks great I like that color
nice, i would love to have a setup identical to yours. How much did the superlift kit run you?
are you cranked at all?

im thinking about running 37s on that setup with stock rims/ford keys and from these im not so sure i can fit them
very clean...lil colormatching wouldn' hurt.
Sorry about the slow response. I've been working my ass off all morning. It's the 6-7.5" SUPERLIFT. 315-75-R16 BFG M/Ts. The lift was $1250 from NTW online. The tires were around $900 from NTW as well. I installed it myself so I can give pointers if needed. A lot of you guys gave me some great advice and I really appreciate that. Oh yeah, I'm not cranked at all...yet. I was going to let the front end settle before I did that. Thanks for the response.
just curious what gear ratio does your truck have?

how's your gas mileage?
3:73 . . . Gas mileage is between 14 and 15 mpg
great looking truck. I agree about the colormatched flares but I'm biased.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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