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my truck

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wow, thats a really nice truck. what happened to it?
I sold those 20's and was riding on some stock wheels, old tires. I let a friend of mine drive it one night and we hit a slick spot and he lost control. We went up the curb and just off the sidewalk but there was a telephone pole there. We didn't hit the pole but we were going about 40mph and the poles guide wire got hooked under the bed/fender just behind the right rear tire and BAM! my bed was completely ripped off of the truck and was thrown about 20feet back into the middle lane of traffic. We were riding in the right lane of a 6 lane street(3 lanes each way). The bed landed in the 2nd lane from the sidewalk. My air supply was mounted in my bed so the truck instantly was on the ground like in the picture, just without the bed on it. My friend was mad at himself and said he would sell his mustang that he is building to pay for the damage. I was never mad and told him he was not going to do that. Luckily I have all the mods insured and my insurance has payed to have all the work done again. I am just glad that no other vehicles were involved and no one was hurt.
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Nice truck, welcome to the site :cheers:

I'm glad you and your buddy are okay, and that insurance is covering it :evil: Can't wait to see it on 24s..
Very nice ride! Nice bodydrop!!!
thats has to be lowdown showdown in the background right? i remeber seeing either your truck or a identical twin there

truck looks good how far along are they on getting it fixed? last time i saw your truck it was just sitting out front and i was checking out how they setup your backend since it didnt have a bed

btw who do you have for insurance? i have allstate and since im not a high risk driver they wont insurure any aftermarket add on's especially suspension
Any pictures of this damage sounds pretty bad. My friend was the cause of my accident. atleast it is covered by insurance and even better yall are both okay
Actually that event was at the track in Seguin, Tx. It was the 2003 'LS1 shootout'. I was there to checkout other fast trucks and see what mine ran since I had not been to the track since I had the transmission rebuilt and got a higher stall converter. The weather was humid as hell and I was disappointed with the 1/4 mile e.t./mph. Anyway, the truck is coming along decently. The bed has been shaved except for the tailgate and was delivered to EKMW last week. Once it is bodydropped the whole truck is going back to the paint shop. I haven't decided if I am going to have the cab repainted too. My insurance is through Nationwide. They added coverage to my truck for all the mods but it also cost me an extra $80.00 a month. I was paying $212.00/month since the truck was completed but I recently tured 25 and that $212.00 went down to $112.00 and everything is still covered. If anyone wants to try to get insurance through them their local phone number(for Austin,Tx) is 512-328-8786.
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Chad awesome truck, sorry it was wrecked but it sounds like itllbe coming back better than ever. I love the ass end on that thing, sooo clean, my next truck will def be white.
Very nice truck :head2: Sorry about the accident.
werd very nice truck man!!
gorgeous truck bro. can't wait to see it tuckin 24's.
Sweet truck!! I like that clean shaven look. Sorry about your wreck.
Sweet truck, can you put up more pics!!
I'll post them for him, if he gets some more pics up, but he only had those two
those are the only pics I have on the computer.....
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