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Been on here a while and never have shown my trucks.
In order of ownership

93 sierra 6" Procomp 35" ground hawgs

98 Sierra SFA D44HP 37" iroks

2007.5 2500 6.0 315s What i have now

I wanna take off the side molding... And dont give me shit about the Camo stuff, I got it for free and i think its cool. No one around here has it and everyone asks about them :p

Ill get better pictures once i wash the damn thing.

Hopefully going to have Rims and lift in the next couple of months. Either SAS or 7" BDS Non-torsion drop

And now the toys.

Me and the pops pretty much built this from scratch, minus a Rusted ass frame

2005 650v2 Arctic Cat. Bitch is bad

(i can already hear the incoming hillbilly ******* comments :p)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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