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I assume I need a Lockpick harness, is that it? I am completely new to nav. I have an '07 Equinox with EVERY option except navigation, and I think it would be nice to add it. So with a Lockpick harness and a genuine GM navigation unit it will be plug n' play?

Also, will other GM navigation units (hopefully from Silverado's) fit? On eBay there is only one Equinox navigation unit and they want $500 buy it now :uhoh: I'm hoping a much more plentiful Silverado unit will work.

I found a picture of an Equinox with nav, the only problem I see is that my current unit has input for CD and DVD seperately, so I'm wondering if on Equinox's with nav couldn't have DVD, or does the unit read both in the same input spot?

Here's what I want:

Here's what I have (with the exception of mine having the CD slot on top, with the addition of a DVD slot below the display):

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