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NBS diff breathers.....

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hey yall,

since getting stuck, i was worried about water having gotten in my diffs. i havent driven the truck in a while becuase the carpet has been pulled up and been drying, but its finally done :rocking:

i looked where the diff breathers go:

rear- right behind your gas filler area
front- right on the driver inner fender above the steering pump and below the fuse box.

thankfully i wasnt deep enough to drown either one :anitoof: but thats where they are on my NBS at least if anyone needs help finding them.

i can get pics upon request.........
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Kyle said:
yeah i should move the front one up, thats like right where i throw alot of gunk
Its super simple, just run to home depot and get some tubing the same size, I totally replaced mine, you can just extend it though with some kind of connector.
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