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junkyard for the tray, knukonceptz for 1/0 and terminals, get same batt u have as ur primary right now.

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tray,battery hold down clamp and bolt from the dealer or wrecker
$12 200amp continuous duty solenoid from any parts store/rv parts store
1 or 2 ga welding wire
2 sets of universal top post battery terminals
2xring terminals

my setup is a yellow top in the main tray,the side posts feed the stock electrical system and a red top in the 2nd tray (nothing connected to it)
the top posts from the yellow top feed the winch (do not hook it up to the side posts,the connections inside the battery cannot handle the current a winch draws under heavy load) and the wires to the aux batt
ground wire connecting both batterys

the solenoid is mounted to the aux battery tray and is fed from a on-off-on 20 amp switch with hot coming from the red top and from a hot in on and start fuse
this way I have normal with both battery's connected when running and starting
off if I ever need to pull one battey out
and emergency jumping if I kill the yellow top with lights or the stereo
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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