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My 2000 NBSec - has been riding funny recently. This is my daily work truck and I do haul heavy at times. I have the Airlift helper bags with a compressor. I usually keep it at about 16-20 psi. During the winter, my bags were leaking so I know that most of the damage was done at that time. Since March, the bags were replaced.

I felt the truck swaying for a while and figured that the shocks needed to be replaced. As of yesterday.. while hearing something scraping the ground when I hit the bumps in the road. Came home to find the rear right shock was hanging. The mount that is suppose to be welded to the axle snapped off.

Is this dangerous to drive as is?

Can this be welded back on or what is my option on repairing this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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