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NBS parts (leftovers from 4.3 - 5.3 swap)

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Did an engine swap on my truck and have some left over parts for sale.


5.3 parts:
-factory exhaust manifolds - $25
-factory water pump and thermostat - $25
-Factory fuel rails (return style) - $75
-AC lines (suction, discharge, & evap lines) - $30 PER line
-factory flywheel for 4L60E- $25
-Frame mounts 1/2 ton 2wd - $40
-box that holds ECU - $10\
-Factory 2004 ECU - $75
-Factory 2003 wiring harness (DBW), pigtails for low oil, crank position, and ac compressor are cut off, but i do have the pigtails. Also the wiring for the mass air flow meter, ac evap sensor, and both o2 sensors on PASSENGER side are also cut, and i DO NOT have these. - $75

4.3 parts:
-Complete pullout 4.3L engine, complete harness (no cuts!) and ECU. Comes with good clutch, flywheel, and pilot bearing, manifolds, good fan and fan clutch, motor mounts, heater hoses etc. 81,000 ORIGINAL miles out of my 2006 silverado. - $800
-Full K&N intake (tube, filter, adpter, heat sheild, original box and instructions) - $100
-(4) orginal o2 sensors (81,000 miles) - $20 a piece
-factory cabtack exhaust from a single cab short bed silverado. - $75
-Catalytic converters (were cut from orginal y pipe) - Make offer!
-Throttle cable (DBC) - $25
-Cruise control cable and module - $75
-Frame mounts 1/2 ton 4wd - $40
-AC Lines (suction & discharge) - $30 each
-Great condition fan shroud - $35

May have more, but this is all i can think of at the moment. Can get pictures. Everything is located in Conroe, TX.
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Bump, make an offer. Going to scrap most of the metal stuff this weekend so if you need any of this let me know!
I'll get you some pics in about an hour and shoot you a pm.
Never got a PM
sorry man, have a lot going on right now, havent been home in a week or so and wont be back for another 2 weeks. Im way too busy at the moment to be selling parts so this thread can be deleted. My wife sold all the v6 parts including the motor EXCEPT the K&N intake that you wanted. So i still have it, i took pictures of it that day like i said i was going to but i cant post them here from my work computer, and since im offshroe i cant text or email them either.

Im PM'ing you now, ill shoot you my number and if your still interested in it on the 15th when i get back home well work it all out. Sorry about that bud
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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