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nbs rides kinda rough

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What can I do to get my truck to ride a little smoother on rough streets or over bumps. It jolts you pretty good on some bumps and is kinda annoying. The truck is all stock with around 66,XXX miles.
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The bilsteins have me interested and they seem popular on here. I'm a little confused on which ones would work for me though.
Yeah, I think I'm leaning towards the smoother side. We also have a 2004 RCLB 1500 non Z71 and it rides pretty nice over bumps and bouncing in the field. Doesn't throw you around in the cab at all.

I think it might just be the Z71 shocks are a little stiffer then I want.
Also seems to drive like it is breezy out when it is not if that makes sense. I don't mean like rolling all over the road just not "on rails".
Have you had your alignment checked?
had it done 4100 miles ago
It allays has seemed this way since I bought it. Bought it with around 57,XXX and now right at 66,000.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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