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NBS seat squeek

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ok, my passenger seat is sqeeking over bumps. i had all the body mount cushions replaced at the dealer the other day. it was quiet as a mouse in church, until the next morning on the way into work. my wifes gonna talk to the shop foreman at the dealership today (she works there), and see what he thinks.

but i thought i'd ask here. maybe somebody has had a similar problem. it sqeeks/chatters with and without somebody sitting in it. i looked all underneth it last night to see if something was loose maybe, but nothing.

could it maybe be the actual springs in the seat? if so, why would the sqeek with nobody sitting in the seat?

it still makes a stight creecking noise when you get out, but i think that might just be the leaf springs and or e-brake.

this is driving me nuts. damn truck is a 2005, and only has 13xxx miles on it and it making this damn noise.
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reg cab?

yes, sorry. RCSB. with all the body mount cushions on the cab replaced.
well mine squeak as well, took me a little while to figure it out seats are all the way back and the back of the seats closest to the doors rub on the back plastic panel and tend to squeak....maybe this is ur problem
haha i was going to say that too, if its all the way back it rubs against the window and/or the plastic back panel
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