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NBS seats and husky liners

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okie_in_cali said:
Damn, wish you had a folding center seat. I'd be all over that if you did.
there's always center seats on eBay.

okie_in_cali said:
Hope you get what you want out of them. No reserve???
i don't bother putting a reserve, stuff usually sells for what it's worth.

bring on the stupid bidders... thus far, questions have included:

Q: are these leather?
A: you have to buy them to find out.

Q: is the rear bench seat included too?
A: as noted in the title, no.

Q: why are you selling them?
A: so i can make the truck payment this month.

Q: it says free shipping at the bottom of the page but you say you want to charge for shipping?
A: omfg read the description. don't get all excited and think i can bolt these to a pallet, shrinkwrap and throw them on a truck for free. nothing's free :read:

hope that clears everything up in case anyone else had the same questions as my bidders.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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