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Need '02 style dash bezel/have '03, will pay or trade

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Im in need of a '02 style dash bezel (tan preferably, but will take whatever I can get). I purchased what was advertised on Ebay as an '02 bezel, but turned out to be an '03 and the seller wont refund/take it back so Im stuck with it. The '03's that I have are both the '03 tan/black color.

Anyway, I really need the '02 and can pay with paypal for it or if someone is in need of an '03 I can trade. I actually have two '03 bezels (I was going to do the 1.5 --> double din conversion and then changed my mind). I'd even be willing to trade my two '03 bezels for one '02.

I know this is the "For Sale" thread but my post is kind of both since I have the '03's that Im trying to get rid of. I'll post up in the Wanted section as well. Thanks!
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pics please
any relation to the colonel? i'm doin a denali upgrade to my 00silvy, so i'll have an extra bezel sittin around. i'll have pics come sunday. pm me ur email.
I have an extra tan one. I bought it as a spare and was planning on cutting it up for a double DIN conversion but I don't think I'm gonna bother. I think I paid $35 for it from a member on Same price to you.
damn wish i was closer. i would trade you straight up. been wanting to do a double din conversion for a while
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