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Need a Duramax Programmer- Bullydog Powerpup or Triple Dog?

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I need a programmer for my Duramax. Should I get the Bullydog powerpup for $300 or Bullydog Triple Dog for $400? Is the triple worth $100 more? Tranny is still stock fwiw.
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ive never tried the bullydog but i do have the hypertech and i really like it. its not the most aggressive tuner out there but my trannys stock also and i didnt really want to take a chance on hurting it cause i really cant afford to build it up yet. i have it set on level 3 (highest level) which is supposed to add around 100 horses and 170 or 80 ft/lbs of torque and you can really feel it, the truck gets up and goes so much better and ive pulled campers, boats and raced a little on the street with it and havent once slipped the tranny so i guess it is a safe tuner like they claim. someday id like to go to a bigger tune but prolly not till the tranny sees some upgrades. also, the hypertechs around $300 so its not as expensive as a lot of the other ones out there
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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