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need a jack and stands

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my old jack got either stolen or borrowed and never returned
and i really need a new jack
am i going to have any problems with a 2.5 ton ro should i be steping up to a 3 ton?
plus i need some taller stands so i can support my truck from the frame to do my lift this weekend
any help would be appreciated
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I have a craftsman jack thats a 3 ton, nothing special but it works. A jack stand is a jack stand, harbor freight sells some really tall 20 ton ones.
How much you wanna spend? That is always the big question!
not alot but i want to get good stuff so i dont have to worry about it falling or anything
since we work on tractors and semi's on our farm i get to use REAL jacks :worship:

we just got a jack that you hook up to your air compressor to raise it, its way nice, i think its 15 ton.
i have the craftsman 3 ton jack/stands
If you're going to get another jack, get a long body one. They make life so much easier. Those ones where you twist the handle to lower or stop are realllllll nice too. :drool:
i just picked up a 2.5 ton 21" from walmart and it works perfect for my 2500HD on 38's
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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