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Need a little help deciding...

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I have an 04 ECSB and i have 24" U2 wheels coming and i need some help deciding whats best for my truck...

What tires will be best for these (24x10) ? i was looking at 305/35/24.

And im gunna order a McGaughy's 2/4 kit for it after i get the wheels on. But i dont know which to go with... I saw the springs and shackles for only $250? Do they ride well? I just want a stock feeling ride.

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If you want a stock like ride, don't change the springs/leafs. Run either spindles or control arms up front, and shackles and hangers in the rear.
ok thanks. what about the tire size?
my uncle had 305/35/24 on his eskey and he had no problems
so 305/35 will work good??
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