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Hello all,

Recently I bought a 95 K1500 5spd 350. The slave cylinder was bad so I replace it, and it worked fine. Recently ( yesturday ) the clutch started acting up. Im thinking its either a bad slave cylinder, or a bad clutch.

It DOES NOT slip at all. The only problem is changing gears ( which is why i believe its a slave cylinder ) Even puttin it to the floor under load, clutch will not slip.

Problem Im having is it goes very hard into gear, normally with a clunk or something similar as trying to shift without using the clutch and it clunks/bangs into gear. The other thing its doing is when in gear, and you engage the clutch, it grinds when clutch is engaging. Once in gear there is no poblems at all. Also, the peddal seems to be engaging closer to the floor as well...

Slaver cylinder was recently replaced, athough Im thinking its a piece of shit and is not working the way it should be. We bled this slave for a good 30 minutes, and for most of that time, no air was coming out, so we figured it was pretty well bled. Since it worked great when first installed, now these problems are happening.

Too me it doesnt seem like a clutch issue but more of a slave cylinder issue. Am I too far off on this one? Any help would be great. Thank you.
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